Comment on Bitmain’s Office Walls Defaced in Nighttime Raid by Fork your Bitmain


05/19/2017 – 6:08 PM

As for the “vandalism” claims:

– Bitmain Israel offices are located in an office building that’s freely accessible to the public. The guy at the entry welcomed us and showed us the way.

– The protest took place only in the public areas of the building, none of the protesters entered any offices or other restricted areas. We didn’t bypass any closed entry, tricked anyone, broke the locks, or anything crazy like that.

– The posters had no “threats” in them, just words of protest against Bitmain’s actions and policies (specifically: about their threats to initiate a DoS attack against the Bitcoin network, and the backdoor they introduced in their products).

– The posters were put up with blu tack. More expensive than tape, but comes off very easily and leaves no marks. It was important for the participants not to damage anything, just voice the protest.

– We already did similar flyer protests against Israeli banks and corrupted officials in the past, and never had any legal issues. It’s just some flyers, FFS. Lighten up.

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