Ether Review Legal #4 – MME, the Beating Heart of Crypto Valley


Luka M?ƒller and Dianne Schepers of MME?’?Š?'”?’?Šthe Swiss law firm famous for running the Ethereum crowdsale?’?Š?'”?’?Šdiscuss jurisdictional constraints, Crypto Valley, novel crypto-asset classes and the ?’?œsecond wave?’ of tokenization.

With 25 previous ?’?œtoken generating events?’ and 60 pending projects, MME is a clear leader in the crypto law realm. The firm is now welcoming a ?’?œsecond wave?’ of clients; companies from the legacy economy which are seeking ways to enter the blockchain world through tokenizing their pre-existing equity.

In this discussion Luka outlines some of the major distinctions between US and Swiss law in relation to token issuance, looking at securities law, donations, and the commonly used foundation model. These and other regulatory differences, compounded by the stable and already-decentralized nature of Swiss government, make Switzerland the ideal jurisdiction for Crypto Valley, the rapidly growing successor to Silicon Valley based in Zug, a financial center.Alongside its long list of clients, MME is now focussed on creating Blockchain Crypto Property (BCP) standards. The final BCP paper, to be published in August, will classify tokens under a range of asset classes and outline a quality checklist for various token models. These standards will simplify risk assessment and ensure that tokens issued in Switzerland will be globally listable and tradeable.

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