Comment on FBI Claims Arrested Cyber Crime Syndicate Co-Founder Medvedev Worth $800M+ in BTC by Mattyoung


5:20 PM

Right there, in the headlines. ‘Was in possession of’.

The FBI just overturned a thousand year tradition, the funds were not rented out to some exchange or ledger service. The end user, the thumbprint retained power of attorney for the access protocol which the user initiates.

Fintech does it the other way around, the dark pool proprietor owns the coins on account. What happens when a dark pool in fintech tries to use the blockchain? They get into a whole host of problems because of know your own customer rules, but the customer now owns the access to blockchain? So, the Fintech dark pool is acting both as an custodial owner and as a fair executive for customer protocols. A huge regulatory mess for Fintech and sandbox.

How to solve it? You tell me.

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