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Blockchain Microtasking

“The Latium Platform offers a unique investment opportunity, as far as most ICOs go. Most ICO’s rely solely on speculation to drive value. Latium is different because the tokens will be used in exchange for labor. This, in tandem with the limited supply, creates additional demand beyond pure speculation.” –  Latium

Latium ICO information:

Platform: Ethereum

Token Supply: 30,000,000 created. 10,000,000 available for purchase during the Token Sale

ICO Start Date: August 15

ICO End Date: September 15

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 whitepaper (pdf) 

latium ico

Latium ICO starts in…

Interview with Latium

BitcoinChaser: What kind of problem, market deficiency or opportunity inspired you to launch your project, and how will your project address this?

Latium: The Latium project began as a way to offer the ability for people to have tasks done by those who want to do them. Lack of a transparent global labor market is an issue we have found through our research. Depending on where a person lives it could be very difficult to find work, and also near impossible to find the right employee with the required skill set in your local market.  We discovered that sites like Freelancer and Fiverr are not the best way for quality workers to be found and accepted for tasks. They are not very user-friendly, nor do they have a transparent rating system for job creators or workers. Another issue we found was the lack of a fast payment method for the global labor force. Most payment systems used around the world are not even remotely close to real-time. There is also a major market demand for cryptocurrencies, but the worth of nearly all cryptocurrencies are based solely on speculation since using crypto as tender is limited. Crypto is being used mostly as an investment instead of actual tender.

BC: How will your project address this problem, market deficiency or opportunity in a unique way?

Latium: Latium solves these problems by:

a.} Making it possible for anyone to apply for any task globally, determine what they are willing to complete the task for and have transparency in every facet prior to acceptance.

b.} Providing a proprietary algorithm which determines a user’s reputation score. This allows both parties to truly evaluate a potential relationship prior to acceptance. Every task impacts a user’s score positively or negatively.

c.} All payments will be issues via LAT tokens. These tokens can be withdrawn as soon as the task maker marks the job complete. Task makers have the incentive to release payments quickly as it is part of their global reputation score.

d.} Latium creates real incentive to use crypto as tender. All tasks are priced in LAT, thus making the token a required asset to participate.

BC: How do you think that competition will develop following your ICO?

Latium: We believe competition will develop mostly on the basis that this is the first user-friendly, crypto payment based, microtasking platform. This will bring about a shift in how people will use crypto. They will see that it can function properly as an actual tender. This will also open up new labor forces all over the world, introducing people to the crypto community that have never had access before.

BC: For all those who have read your white paper (pdf) and are still on the fence about investing in your ICO, what can you tell them that could lead them to invest in your project?

Latium: The Latium Platform offers a unique investment opportunity, as far as most ICOs go. Most ICO’s rely solely on speculation to drive value. Latium is different because the tokens will be used in exchange for labor. This, in tandem with the limited supply, creates additional demand beyond pure speculation.

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