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CoinAdvice Conference is the world’s foremost blockchain and crypto event which has come to disrupt the industry trend by showcasing astute business leaders and coin owners from all across the globe. Covering three days on significant topics from leading industry cognoscenti’s to emerging ground-breaking brands with diversified products and services leveraging blockchain technology which is in the process of earning credibility eventually.• 25 ICO’s
• 15 Influencers
• 100+ Speakers- crypto entrepreneurs, visionaries, world thought leaders and global transformers
• 1500+ Attendees- experts, entrepreneurs, enthusiasts, executives, investors, and policymakers
• 50 Exhibitors- showcasing disruptive and transnational projects, innovative ideas, and latest trends in the blockchain domain
• 48 countries- Presenting their respective blockchain ecosystems and initiatives
• 50+ Media partners

The conference is privileged to have some of the world’s most influential and authoritative speakers, some of whom are global transformers in the cutting-edge blockchain domain.

Split across three tracks, the conference’s agenda will address a range of discussions including: Introduction to disruptive decentralized companies listed on CoinMarketCap, Future prospects of Digital Assets & cryptocurrencies, and Countries presenting their modern initiatives on blockchain technology.

The conference will illustrate an unprecedented agenda «Future of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain for 2019» with an energetic track which is assigned for crypto friendly governments who will be showcasing their ecosystems. Global, transformative, and mind-blowing announcements are expected to be made. The conference will witness an engaged audience of C-level financial services and enterprise tech executives, cloud providers, CEO’s from disruptive start-ups, government, policy leaders, venture capitalists, developers, startups, investors, media, and indeed, many more.

A noteworthy feature of Coinadvice Conference is the VVIP Networking Lounge – an exclusive networking area where the brightest startups will have access to fellow coin owners, speakers, participating investment funds, VC firms, and family offices, with billions of dollars under management.

An ICO Pitch contest with 60K prize pool to be distributed in three prizes which will be held alongside the conference. The contest will feature a number of ICO companies and investment funds. The price distribution will be generously provided by our sponsors accordingly:

1st Price  – $ 30,000

2nd Price – $ 20,000

3rd Price – $ 10,000

Last, but not least, the conference abounds in a rich networking programme ranging from post-conference receptions to private VIP retreats which will prove momentous in weighty partnerships for the growth and development of the economies.

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