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1 billion tokens have been issued and only half of these are earmarked for sale.

33% of the total tokens will be put into a strategic reserve and will be held for 3 years.

For the team 2% of the tokens created are earmarked for advisors.

3% of the tokens will be allocated to the Mobile Bridge team (30 people) and they will be frozen for 12 months before employees will have the option to sell them.

5% of these tokens will be for the long-term team retention and will be given out after 2019 to future or existing team members.

A portion of tokens will be allocated to the bounty program.

Token Sale Targets

Momentum’s soft-cap is 25 million EUR with a hard-cap of 42 million EUR.

Sales are restricted in the US. China however can participate.


Momentum has a good chance of succeeding, since it has a great understanding of the sector it operates in. It also established partnerships with a range of well-known brand names. This is all a result of having an existing 4-year old company in this sector. The fact that Momentum sees the opportunity of using ERC-20 tokens to improve the efficiency of Mobile Bridge’s existing service, means it should be a relatively straight forward development of the business.

The Momentum token sounds like it could have a lot of potential. It will allow users collect tokens from one vendor and use them with another via the exchange mechanism. Users will be able to collect loyalty points on their morning coffee and trade them in once a year on a family holiday or outing for example. The success of the whole program will ultimately depend on how well the application is adopted and the diversity of partnerships it can bring to its users. Time will tell!

For more information on the Momentum ICO – visit https://momentumtoken.io/

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